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Mobile Advertising with Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

With this year nearing its end, chances are you’re doing some business planning for 2022. If you haven’t gotten a vehicle wrap for your brand or business yet, now is the time to contact us at Trinity Graphics Signs and Designs for your custom car wrap and graphics needs.

What’s the difference between a wrap and a graphic?

Vehicle wraps are effective small business marketing tools. They serve as mobile advertising, a form of outdoor or ‘out-of-home’ advertising that promotes your products and/or services to buyers outside of their homes. A vinyl car wrap can significantly increase awareness of your business or brand in your community and wherever you go.

Vehicle graphics are another great option to reach a wide audience. They are engaging, impactful and quick to install. A door or window are ideal locations for vinyl or magnetic vehicle graphics. Plus, they are less expensive than a full or half vehicle wrap.

What is a vehicle wrap made of? How long will it last?

We can digitally print your vehicle wrap on heavy duty vinyl with your custom design. Then we will professionally install it around your entire vehicle or to specific areas. Our carefully designed vehicle wraps and graphics will make eye-catching advertising on your car.

Vehicle wraps can promote short-term and long-term advertising, products, services, events and more. They work for you year-round and can last up to five years, depending on weather and proper vehicle maintenance. Plus, they help protect your vehicle’s paint finish.

How much does a car wrap cost?

If you’re worried about the cost, we offer high-quality vehicle wrap options affordable for any business. Wraps provide a fixed-advertising cost and can boost your ROI (Return on Investment). Our vehicle wrap experts can help you choose the design and style of your wrap for your brand or business. We also maintain, update and replace wraps. Get in touch with our wrap specialists today at Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs to receive a complimentary quote, 337-408-3644. And that’s a wrap!

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