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Promotional Products: Embroidery vs Screen Printing

If you’re trying to decide between embroidery and screen printing for your promotional products, then Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs in Lafayette, Louisiana, is the right place to help you. When it comes to apparel and other textiles, we are in the business of helping you to increase awareness about your brand. Read more to determine which method may be right for you.


With the embroidery method, your logo or image is converted into a digitized file for our embroidery machines to read. Then it is stitched into a shirt or other product by our custom embroidery specialist. We have enough machines to handle several bulk orders at a time, and you can choose from more than 250 colors for your embroidered design.

An embroidered print is an effective way to promote brand awareness, and it looks distinct and sophisticated. It also looks professional on items such as classic polo shirts hats, totes and more. It can last a long time, depending on the quality and care of the garment used.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, or silk screening, is a method that prints your logo or image using a screen on top of your promotional product or item. Ink is applied on the screen, and it only goes through the open parts of the screen. It can be done on several types of wearable garments such as T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, aprons, caps and more.

Screen printing is an inexpensive way to print bulk top-notch promotional products and larger designs on shirts. We do custom screen printing in-house on our high-tech machinery with available graphic design and ink color matching services.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Deciding on embroidery versus screen printing depends on several factors including your personal preference, budget, items you want to customize and more. As always, we offer simple, fair pricing for our valued clients. If you are looking for great monogram and/or printing services, Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs is your local one-stop shop. Contact us here to get the price for your promotional products, 337-408-3644.

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