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Laser Etching: We Can Create That Mark for You

Did you know that Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs laser etches glass, metal and wood products? Well, now you do. Not to be confused with laser engraving, we’ve summarized everything you need to know about our laser etching services below.

What is Laser Etching?

When a design is created, it is saved as a vector file. Then it is sent to a laser etching machine for “printing.” Laser etching is an industrial process that occurs when a high-powered laser beam uses high heat to melt a portion of material from the service of an object. The melted material expands and causes a slightly raised mark with a depth that is usually no more than 0.001 inches.

Is Laser Etching Different from Laser Engraving?

The same laser machines can be used for both laser engraving and laser etching, but, yes, both are different processes. Laser-etched markings are shallower than laser engraved markings. Laser engraving does not cause the surface of a material to melt like laser etching does. Instead, the laser engraving process removes the surface of a material to create a deep marking typically engraved to a depth of 0.125-0.020 inches. Laser engraving also will not fade over time, making the process ideal for marking objects that are expected to experience high wear.

Benefits of Laser Etching

The laser etching process is a more suitable option for thin materials and small projects. Laser etching is commonly used for marking metal objects like stainless steel, jewelry and anodized aluminum, which is aluminum that has been treated to develop a durable, corrosion-resistant finish. Laser etching is a highly precise versatile application that is used for personalized gifts as well as manufacturing. All it takes to get started on your project is contacting us at Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs with an idea for something you would love to create. Then choose from the many unique designs we offer and add your own custom text. Contact us today to receive your complimentary quote for personalized custom laser etched items that are bold, stand out, and make great gifts.

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