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Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Promotional Products

A company that uses promotional products is likely to increase brand recognition, build a company-customer relationship, attract customers and expand the business. Branded items offer high return on investment (ROI) in marketing, help gather user-generated content, and increase engagement on social media channels. Both full-fledged and start-up businesses can stay relevant among competition in the market and improve customer retention by using branded merchandise.

We offer many promotional products and corporate gifts at Trinity Graphx Signs and Designs, ranging from drinkware to writing materials to the latest tech accessories. We also have eco-friendly products available. Our business promo products are worth the investment from your marketing budget.

According to the 2022 ASI Ad Impressions Study, the top five most influential promo products in the United States are health and safety, masks, outerwear, performance wear, and polo shirts. The most influential promotional merchandise among consumers aged 25-34 are bags, health and safety, outerwear, performance wear, and writing instruments. Stats from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) 2021 Consumer Study, PPAI Research indicate:

1. Three out of four keep a promotional product because it is useful.

2. 94% like receiving promotional products.

3. About 87% agree promotional products are a good way to learn about new businesses in the area.

4. 88% use logoed promotional products when it supports brands or causes they know and like.

5. About 85% would rather receive a promotional product than a promotional email.

6. 83% say promotional products make an experience more enjoyable.

7. Nine in 10 agree receiving promotional products at an event makes the experience more memorable.

8. Three of four would likely switch brands if they received a promotional product from a brand with whom they had not previously done business.

Consumers Like Promotional Products

Many consumers appreciate receiving freebies, and in fact, 94% of consumers in the PPAI 2021 Consumer Study revealed that they like receiving promotional products. Three out of four people keep a promotional product because it is useful to them. The survey also discovered that three of four consumers surveyed said they would likely do business with a brand that they had received a promotional product from.

According to the reciprocity principle, it is hardwired in our brains that when we receive something, we should give something back. We respond positively to a gift regardless of if we didn’t ask for it or don’t want it, and we automatically feel like we owe the giver something in return. This concept can be applied to the use of promotional products. When your business gives away promotional items, consumers may “give back” by becoming a customer and/or using and sharing the product with others.

When deciding on branded merchandise to give away, your business should consider the general appeal and perceived value of the items. The quality of the promotional products that your business gives away is important because it reflects your company. At Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs, we offer the best selection of top-quality promotional items and corporate gifts that you can choose from.

Promotional Items Have Longevity

Your business logo and/or a message on a promotional item can serve as a daily reminder of your brand in a person’s car, home or office. Consumers frequently use items such as branded and customized drinkware, writing instruments and wearables. They may also tell friends and family about a business’s products and/or services.

Branded merchandise can help you attract new customers at holiday, professional and trade show events. Nine in 10 of consumers surveyed agree that receiving promotional products at an event makes the experience more memorable. Our team at Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs can help you determine which products are suitable for each occasion that your business participates in and how many promotional items you will need.

Brand ambassadors who advertise promotional merchandise for your company can attract many people to want to learn more about the products and/or services you offer. Practical corporate gifts for clients and employees can turn them into brand ambassadors too. Branded swag also make great gifts for employees, can boost employee morale and mark employment milestones.

Although people are likely to pass along promotional products that are no longer useful to them, your brand reach is extended after the original owner has given a branded item to someone else. The cycle may increase the amount of people who see your business’s name and/or logo.

How Much Should I Spend on Promotional Products?

If you haven’t invested in promotional products for your business due to what you think they will cost, let us earn your business at Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs with our cost-effective solutions. Let us assist you with finding products that suit the needs of both your brand and your target audience, designing and printing your items at our location. We can keep your style consistent by using the same colors, fonts and logo when designing your business promo products.

Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs is your one-stop shop for promotional items and corporate gifts. We provide an extensive range of promotional products that includes but is not limited to can coolers, cinch backpacks, aluminum and water bottles, Frisbees®, pens, steel tumblers, stress balls, tote bags, T-shirts and more. We ensure you will find something in our catalog to satisfy your requirements. With a large selection of high-quality promotional merchandise, fast delivery times, and prices to fit all budgets, Trinity Graphx Signs and Designs will give you the best for your marketing budget.

Let us put our knowledge about promotional products to work for you.

with us now to order your business promo products. Our creative team is looking forward to guiding you through each step of the process from providing customized, relevant recommendations to represent your brand, to doing the shopping, designing and printing for you!

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