Top Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Promotional Products

Did you know, 94% of folks distinctly recall where they received a promotional product?

This statistic from Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), stresses how important promotional products are for every business in Acadiana to remain competitive.

Promotional products have proven to be the most powerful & effective marketing tool. Regardless of promotional products being a traditional marketing medium, they have always been trendy and for start-ups, small-large businesses, organizations and non-profits, promotional products are the most favored marketing tool.

Did we mention, it's one of the more cost effective way to promote your business?

Let's look at five reasons why your business should be using promotional products.

5 Reason Your Business Should Be Using Promotional Products


Like most of us, especially locally owned small businesses, here in Lafayette, LA, you may be working with a smaller marketing budget than some of the larger guys out there. If this sounds about right, then keep reading, we've got some really great stuff in this article.

Advertising your business doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some low-cost, and trendy, promotional items that you could share with your customers and employees.

At Trinity Graphx, you have thousands of giveaways right at your fingertips, many of which businesses, like yours can easily afford. Choose the products that match your marketing needs and we will take care of the rest!

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Every business wants their company brand to be easily recognized. Promotional items can help consumers remember your business and recognize your brand’s logo much easier. When someone receives a promotional item, around 58% of them keep said promotional item anywhere from one to more than four years!

This means that, each time they look at the item, they will be able to have a better chance of recalling your business. FOR THE NEXT ONE TO MORE THAN FOUR YEARS!

(Thanks again to PPAI for that mind-blowing stat)

One of the more staggering statistics on branded promotional products is how they can influence buyer habits. Many consumers are willing to switch their current brand in order to receive a free promotional gift.

Many of us as business owners/managers make the mistake of minimizing the power that promotional products can offer when it comes to their brand recognition.

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Branded promotional items are fun and aesthetically pleasing, not to mention, most of them can be used in a consumers everyday life. Whether it’s pens, coozies, or cell phone accessories the promotional items you personalize can quickly impact your target audience.

Here is another way to look at it. When a business advertises their products on TV, from start to finish, and in a matter of fifteen to thirty seconds, it's gone, almost the same thing with a billboard, but in the case of promotional products, they will be promoting your brand long after you gave them out!

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When you hand someone your business card, you're introducing that person to your brand. When you hand someone a branded promotional item, you are more effectively driving that person to your businesses products and services.

Business Cards still have their place in the world but, in some cases, promotional products may offer better results than basic business cards can. They are useful tokens that consumers will appreciate, use, and will even influence them. You can customize your promotional products to have all the same information on them as business cards, but we promise you that they will be acknowledged with more gratitude.

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So we have reached the end, but we saved the best for last. Promotional products can bring new customers to a business, but they can also help to build loyalty with your current customers. For best results, make sure your promotional products are high-quality and useful. When possible, choose promotional products that reflect the products or services your business offers.

Introducing someone to your business and then converting that person into an actual customer is the core of all marketing efforts. Success and ongoing momentum for your brand means that you then need to convert that first-time customer into a loyal one .

The more loyal your customers are, the more more likely they are willing to strike up a conversation about your business with other potential customers.

According to a study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, “more than one-third of recipients are more likely to do business with an advertiser after receiving their promotional product.” Who doesn't like those odds?

In the words of good ol' Porky Pig, "That's All Folks!"

We said we would give you five reasons why your business should be using promotional products and we have done just that.

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