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Let's Roll! (Everything you need to know about vehicle wraps & graphics)

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

So, you want rolling billboards for your business or service perfect marketing tools that go anywhere!

Trinity Graphx has a full line of fleet graphics and wraps for your company vehicles, and we want you to know all about them.

Let’s get started — what’s the difference? Do I need a wrap or a graphic?

That depends on your vehicle and how much exposure you want. Door and window vehicle graphics are effective mobile signs, either vinyl or magnetic (which can be easily removed to change your message.)

For maximum awareness and overall effect, choose a full or partial vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap is a custom vinyl graphic put directly over the vehicle’s original finish. We can design one for your business, and incorporate your existing graphics and logo in the design.

Vehicle Wrap Prices?

The cost will vary vehicle to vehicle and size of graphics used. We have wrapped vehicles from compact cars to tour buses. Typical price range would be $900 - $3,500 depending on the size of the vehicle. Your best bet to get our vehicle wrap prices would be to schedule a consultation with our vehicle wrap specialists, 337-408-3644.

What is used to wrap vehicles? How long does installation take?

We use durable, long-lasting vinyl digitally printed with your custom design. We will professionally install it on your vehicles in our indoor bay, within two to four days, depending on the size and complexity of the wrap.

Will it hurt the paint?

NO. Vehicle and fleet wraps actually protect the paint on the vehicles from small dents and scratches.

How long will it last?

Most vehicle wraps will last 2-4 years, depending on weather conditions and care of the vehicle. If part of your wrap gets damaged, it is not usually necessary to re-wrap the entire vehicle. After any body damage to your vehicle is repaired, Trinity Graphx Sign & Designs can replace the damaged area.

Can I remove it myself?

We recommend that vehicle wraps be professionally removed by our specialists, to protect the finish underneath. Your vehicle will be returned to the condition it was in before your wrap.

And there you have it, all you need to know to start that billboard rolling! For ideas, take a look at more vehicle wraps Trinity Graphx has done here. Of course, if you'd like more information, or want specifics about YOUR vehicle wrap or graphic project, you can call the professionals at Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs.

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