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Celebrations by the YARD!

With social distancing the norm these days, we're finding some VERY creative ways to celebrate and promote events and special occasions. One of the newest trends is Front Yard Decorative Displays from Trinity Graphx. They can be as simple as a bright 24-inch by 18-inch yard sign, or as elaborate as you can imagine, with large letters, illustrations, balloons, stars and more!

These displays are constructed of weatherproof Coroplast. They're printed, shaped and placed on metal stakes, arranged on your lawn, in front of your business, on a fence, or wherever you please. They're fun and effective for birthdays, graduations, photo shoots, grand openings -- any event for the world to take notice!

So get some BIG graphics for your BIG day -- Decorative Coroplast Yard Signs and Displays from Trinity Graphx. Call 337-408-3644 with your ideas, and we can make that BIG event even bigger!


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